Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base has more than 366 support references, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. Begin by browsing folders on the left side of this site.
  1. Account Management System (AMS)
  2. An ID and PIN number for OneTech.
  3. How do I activate my OneTech account?
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  1. Apple
  2. How do you find the name of your Mac?
  3. iPad Activation Instructions
  1. Banner
  2. How can I access my academic transcript record?
  3. I can't find the Required Security Clearance Documentation for ATU Electronic Systems (including Banner)
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  1. Blackboard
  2. General Blackboard App for Students
  3. General Blackboard Instructor
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  1. Campus
  2. ATU Alert After I have received an ATU Alert text message, what will happen if I type back "Help"?
  3. ATU Alert Can non ATU/Tech faculty, staff or students use the University Emergency Notification (ATU Alert) System?
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  1. Email
  2. How can faculty/staff check their email from off campus?
  3. How do I add a photo to my Outlook profile?
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  1. eTech
  2. What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?
  3. Blackboard keeps crashing.
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  1. General
  2. Are students allowed to use the iMacs on the third floor of the library? If so, how do we log onto them?
  3. Are students required to live on campus during their freshman year at Arkansas Tech University?
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  1. Internet-Network
  2. Can I get into trouble for downloading/sharing copyrighted materials?
  3. Can I use a wireless printer?
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  1. Login Issues
  2. How do I change my EXPIRED password?
  3. How do I log in to OneTech?
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  1. MyITLab
  2. How do I install myITLab?
  3. MyITLab Stub Error Message
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  1. Office 365
  2. Are there any technical or hardware requirements for using Office 365?
  3. Download and Install Office 2016 or Office 365 Home, Personal, or University on a PC (Laptops, Desktops, or 2-in-1s)
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  1. OneTech
  2. After computer issues, I can no longer get on the OneTech website with Internet Explorer (IE) 11.
  3. How can I access my academic transcript record?
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  1. Phones
  2. VoIP How to Make a Warm or Blind Transfer on a VoIP Phone
  1. Policies
  2. Appropriate Use of Computer Resources
  3. ATU Apple iPad Mini Tablet Student User Agreement
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  1. Printing
  2. How do I add a printer to my Windows laptop in the Ross Pendergraft Library (RPL)?
  3. How do I print a Microsoft Office Word document from a library computer on the first floor of the Ross Pendergraft Library (RPL)?
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  1. ResNet
  2. Am I allowed to share folders on my computer on the ResNet network?
  3. Are gaming servers allowed on ResNet?
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  1. Software
  2. Respondus Lockdown Browser What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?
  3. Argos A user is unable to pull up information in the Argos datablock Find Person on anyone except herself/himself.
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  1. Tegrity
  2. Guide: Tegrity Test Proctoring (Student)
  3. How do I change my picture in Tegrity recorder?
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  1. vDesktops
  2. How do I access vDesktops or StuDesktops?
  3. How to Access VMware Horizon’s Remote Applications via Horizon Client for Windows
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  1. Virtual Training Center (VTC)
  2. Should I use VTC?
  3. What does the error "the maximum open sessions allowed for your company has been reached" mean for the Virtual Training Company (VTC)?
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  1. Virus-Security
  2. After computer issues, I can no longer get on the OneTech website with Internet Explorer (IE) 11.
  3. Clean Desk Policy/Best Practice
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