Using Remote Desktop Web Access

Using Remote Desktop Web Access

About Remote Desktop Web Access

Using Remote Desktop Web Access, you can access programs on a remote computer through Remote Desktop Services. Although the programs are running on a remote computer, RemoteApps programs behave as if they are running on your local computer. For example, a RemoteApps program has its own entry in the taskbar, and you can resize, minimize, or maximize the program window.

Using Remote Desktop Web Access

To use RD Web Access, simply navigate to by using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or IE 10.

  1. Log into RD Web Access using your tech\OneTech ID and password.
  2. After logging in, you will see icons for available RemoteApps programs (e.g., SPSS, etc.)
  3. Click once on the application icon which you wish to run.
  4. A warning will appear stating, "A website wants to run a RemoteApps program."  Accept the default settings by simply clicking the "Connect" button.
  5. A login window will appear. Enter your OneTech ID preceeded by "TECH\" (e.g., TECH\jdoe12) and your OneTech password.
  6. Your application should start shortly.

When you are finished working, simply save your files and exit the program just as you would normally. Then click the "Sign out" link on the web page to log out of RD Web Access.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to save your files to a location on your U-drive. Do NOT save to the C-drive.

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