You can track whether a student has viewed a Tegrity recording, and also how much of the recording has been viewed.  To do this, you turn on the grading function in Tegrity, and that will create a column for the recording(s) in the Blackboard grade book.
Tegrity will track views of a recording (or all recordings) and display the information in a column in the Blackboard grade book.

To turn on grading for all recordings in a course, go into the Tegrity course, click the “Course Tasks” drop-down menu and choose “Course Settings.”  In that dialog box you can check “enable grading for all recordings.”  You also will see a drop-down that lets you choose what you wish to track: viewed/not viewed, percentage viewed, or minutes viewed.  If you choose percentage or minutes, the status will be updated as the student views the recording.  That is, if he/she watches part one day and goes back later and watches the rest, the “grade” will update to reflect that.
If you only want to track some specific recording and not all, you can check the box corresponding to the recording, click the “Recording Tasks” drop-down menu, and choose “Edit Recording Properties.”  There you’ll see a checkbox that says “enable grading for this recording.”