To remove a recording from the upload queue,
  1. From the Windows System Tray locate and right-click on the Tegrity Tray icon and select the Snooze Uploading option. This will temporarily stop all upload processes. At this stage it is best practice to close the upload queue, if open.

  2. Navigate to the following directory on your computer: C:\ProgramData\Tegrity

    Note: If the ProgramData folder is not visible in Windows Explorer, manually type this path into the Address Bar: C:\ProgramData\Tegrity

  3. The directory will contain a file titled “ProcessingQueue.xml”:
    • If you would like to remove all recordings currently found in the upload queue simply delete this file and skip to Step 5
    • If you would like to remove only a select recording proceed to step 4
  4. Open the “ProcessingQueue.xml” file in a text editor application such as notepad:
    • Within the Syntax of the xml file, individual recordings are listed as separate <JOB ……… />
    • Identify which recording you would like to remove from the queue and delete ONLY that <JOB ……… />. The order coincides with the order currently shown in the queue.
    • After deleting the <JOB ……… />, Save the file which will prompt you to overwrite the original file. Select Yes.
  5. Right click on the Tegrity Tray icon and uncheck the Snooze Uploading option

  6. Right click on the Tegrity Tray Icon and click Check Upload Queue
    • Verify that the recording you removed from the ProcessingQueue.xml is now removed from the upload queue