Some of you may notice a new feature of Turnitin – the “Sync Grades” button. Most users will never need this optional troubleshooting tool but it’s worth knowing it’s there, and what it does.

There is no change to the standard Turnitin behavior – when you create an assignment in the LMS, a column is created in the Grade Center.  Students submitting an assignment in Turnitin trigger the addition of a ‘needs grading’ exclamation mark in the Grade Center, and when grades are added using Turnitin’s GradeMark tools, they’re automatically sent to the Grade Center.  In some very rare cases, the connection between Turnitin and the Grade Center fails.  This results in some confusion because either:

* a student submits an assignment and receives confirmation it has been received by Turnitin but no ‘needs grading’ exclamation mark appears in the Grade Center or

* teaching staff enter a grade in GradeMark which does not get transferred to the Grade Center.

The likelihood of these technical connection errors is *very* small, but they have been annoying to resolve since they required contacting the vendor in a different time-zone, often at a high-need time during semester.  By including the ‘Sync Grades’ tool next to each assignment link, we are now able to solve these problems locally with a single click, which is helpful.

WARNING If you have manually altered the grades displayed in the LMS Grade Center (for example to deduct a % for late submission) after they were automatically sent by Turnitin, then do not click the ‘Sync Grades’ tool because it will refresh the grades to those recorded in Turnitin.