The instructional content of a Tegrity recording can be webcast to authorized users (i.e., students enrolled in the course) while a recording is being created.

To enable the “Webcast” option, use the following steps:
  1. As an instructor or admin, access your Tegrity service.
  2. Navigate to the desired course.
  3. Click “Course Tasks” and then click “Course Settings”.

  4. Check the box labeled “Enable Webcast” under the “Delivery” options, then click OK.

  5. Click the OK button. This will cause the ‘Webcast’ checkbox to appear on the Tegrity Recorder dialog window when a new recording is created.

    If you do not wish to create a Webcast recording, simply remove the check before clicking “Record”.


  • If you want to enable Webcasting in all courses, you can change the default course settings from the Admin Dashboard.
  • Once Webcasting is enabled in a course, it will be the default recording mode for that course.
  • Webcasting is currently only available using the MS Windows PC based Tegrity Recorder.