A speed test is an analytical tool that tests your Internet connection speed against different servers around the world. During the test, packets of data are sent from your computer to those servers. A leader in Internet connection speed testing has released a free Windows 10 speed test app. Available immediately from the Microsoft Store, Speedtest by Ookla offers one-click internet connection speed testing conveniently from your PC. To download and install Speedtest from Ookla on your Windows 10 computer, please do the following:
  • Launch the Store app, and search for speedtest. Choose Speedtest by Ookla from the results.
  • Next, click or tap the blue Get button to begin the download. A bar displays the progress of the download along with the download size.  Click or tap the Pause icon to the right of the progress bar to pause the download if needed, or the Stop icon to cancel it.
  • Once the download and installation completes, click or tap the Launch button.
  • Speedtest from Ookla will launch in a new window. The default test server displays, and is based on your location. Click or tap the default test server to change the test server location if needed. To begin the speed test, click or tap Go.
  • The app will test your Ping, Download and Upload speeds, and displays the progress of each test within the app window as they run.
  • Once completed, the speed test results display atop the app window accompanied by a Share icon. To run another test, click or tap Go again. Click or tap the User icon to view a history of the speed tests you have conducted using the app.

Source: https://techhelpkb.com/free-windows-10-speed-test-app/