To print to PDF in Windows 10:
  • Launch a program.
  • Click the File menu, and choose Print.
  • In the Print dialog, choose Microsoft Print to PDF from under the Select Printer list, then click or tap the Print button.
  • Name the file you are creating, then click or tap the Save button to save the document as a PDF.
Although the option to select Microsoft XPS Document Writer is still present in the Select Printer list, its usefulness comes into question. If turned off, you will not see Microsoft Print to PDF listed under Select Printer. To turn it on,
  • Launch Control Panel. Navigate to Programs > Programs & Features.
  • In the left navigation click or tap the Turn Windows features on or off link. If prompted for User Account Control, input your admin password to proceed. Finally, scroll down to Microsoft Print to PDF, select its check box and click or tap OK.