By default, Windows 10 feedback frequency is set to Automatically (Recommended). Provided below are the steps to modify the feedback frequency to a longer time frame, or turn it off.
  • Click or tap the Start button, and choose Settings.
  • Scroll down the Settings menu, and click or tap on Privacy.
  • Scroll down the left navigation menu, and click or tap Feedback & diagnostics. Under Feedback frequency, click or tap the Windows should ask for my feedback pull-down menu. Click or tap Always, Once a day, or Once a week to configure a specific feedback frequency time frame. Click or tap Never if you no longer want Microsoft to ask for your feedback.

Note: Although Microsoft will no longer ask for your feedback, never does not always mean never. Windows 10 includes a feedback app called Windows Feedback. Use the app to provide Microsoft with feedback on your own terms. To launch the app, click or tap the Start button, and choose All apps. Scroll down the alphabetical list of apps to the W’s. Click or tap Windows Feedback. You can also just use the search bar to search for Windows Feedback. Once you launch the app, a prompt to log into your Microsoft account will display.