To update Java on your Windows computer,
  • Verify your computer’s Java installation by visiting The Java plug-in is no longer supported by the Google Chrome web browser. The Microsoft Edge web browser has never included Java support. If prompted, click or tap the Activate Java link.

  • To allow Java to run, you may need to click or tap the Allow Now button when prompted. To always allow Java to run on the web site if you wish, click or tap the Allow and Remember button.

  • You may also see a Java Update Needed alert dialog display that informs you if Your Java version is out of date. To update Java on your computer, click or tap Update (recommended).

  • The Java Detection applet will ask for your permission to run. Click or tap the Run button to continue.

  • The Java Detection applet will provide a verification result. If a new version of Java is available, the notification will display your current version, and the new Java version. Click or tap the red Download Java Now button to update Java on your computer.

  • The update process will prompt you to read and agree to the end user license agreement. If you agree, click or tap Agree and Start Free Download to continue.

  • A Java install wizard dialog will display. Click or tap the Install button to continue with the installation.

  • A Java installation progress dialog will display so you can monitor the installation process.

  • Once Java installs, the installation process will automatically search for out-of-date Java versions. Out-of-date Java versions may place your computer at risk for vulnerabilities. To uninstall old versions of Java found on your computer, click or tap the Uninstall button.

  • Progress of the uninstallation of out-of-date Java versions will display.

  • When the uninstallation of out-of-date Java version has completed, click or tap Next to continue.

  • A dialog will inform you when the Java installation is successful. Click or tap Close.

  • Return to the Java verification web page. The verification process will inform you that you have the recommend Java version installed.

Note: Keep in mind that installing Java on your Windows computer requires administrator access. Once the Java installation is successful, restart your web browser. Restart your web browser by closing ALL open browser tabs and windows, then re-launch your web browser. Run this test applet to test the success of your Java installation.