The Blackboard IM (BbIM) tool is enabled by default for all new BbLearn courses.  You have the ability to disable and re-enable BbIM use in your course.

Disabling a course prevents it from appearing in the Classmates tab in the BbIM client for all users at your institution. This does not prevent users enrolled in the course from using BbIM.

To disable / re-enable BbIM for your course

  1. Access Blackboard IM system's web interface
  2. Log into the Blackboard IM system.
    • Creation of a Blackboard IM account required if you don't already have one.
    • If you do not want to create a Blackboard IM account, you will need to contact the Campus Support Center to request that your course(s) be disabled/re-enabled
  3. Deselect your courses to disable or Select to enable.