How to Self-Install the Respondus 4.0 Test Creator Software (Faculty Version)


  • Windows


Important: In order for you to self-install Respondus 4.0 Test Creator, please contact the ATU Campus Support Center, and request the Respondus 4.0 Faculty Self-Install Package and the license key.

The rest of this document assumes that if you are trying this from "off" the campus network, you have already setup a VPN in order to connect to the campus network. See Remote VPN Tutorial for Windows for more info on how to set up your VPN.

At that point, a "Respondus 4.0 Faculty Self-Install Package" will be uploaded to your U:Drive folder. It contains the following:

  • This installation documentation file.
  • The Respondus4Campus_4.0.5.16.exe application installer file.
  • A text file containing the license key.

Now please follow the procedures to download and install the Respondus 4.0 Test Creator:

  • Download the Respondus4Campus_4.0.5.16.exe application installer file from your U Drive (U:) folder to your local computer. Once it is downloaded to your local machine, double-click the installer file and follow through the prompts with the default choices. The Equation Editor is optional.
  • Once it is installed, double-click the Respondus 4.0 Campus-Wide icon on your desktop. The application will not work until the license key is installed. This expires on July 31st every year and must be updated. Contact Campus Support to obtain the key and instructions on how to update it.
  • Enter the Institution Name and the Local Support Contact(s) info as shown below. Enter the license key as shown to the right of Installation Password.

  • Choose Blackboard 7.x -9.x as the LMS.

  • To complete the server configuration, you must have a file open. The Introduction file is sufficient. Click the Start tab, and then the Open a Respondus file button. Select the Respondus Introduction file and open it.

  • With a file open, next click on the Preview and Publish top tab, then the Publish to Blackboard left side tab, and then the Publish Wizard button.

    Note: The Publish to Blackboard wizard guides a user through the steps of publishing a quiz to the Blackboard Learn server. You must already have a Blackboard Learn account and password to use this task. In addition, it is helpful to understand the basic approach used by Blackboard Learn to create an online exam.

    • The initial decision is to choose whether the quiz is being published to a single course or multiple Blackboard courses (Batch Publish).
    • The second step requires information to be entered about the Blackboard Learn server. (This information can be stored for future use, enabling this step to be bypassed after the initial setup.)

  • From the Blackboard Learn Server list, select Add New Server. A window will open. When prompted to check for Preconfigured Server Settings, select Yes, check for preconfigured server settings.

  • Continue with the Preconfigured Server Settings wizard to name the settings and enter the user information.

    Note: the username and password values entered here are not used for authentication, so "not used" is entered to reflect this.

  • Select Run Connection Test before going to the next step. Before clicking Next, be sure you are connected to the Internet.

  • Click Next to continue. If the connection is successful, the browser-based login page for your institution will be presented next.
  • If the connection is unsuccessful, an error message will indicate that Respondus was unable to connect to the server using the provided settings. If this occurs, troubleshoot it as follows:
    • Make sure your connection to the Internet is working properly.
    • Make sure you are running the latest version of Respondus (click on the i icon  in the top left corner and click Check for Newer Version to see if a more current version is available).
  • Login to your Blackboard Learn server with your instructor level credentials. Once login is successful and the home page completely loads, click Close After Login in the top right corner.
  • After your connection results display, click Next and then Finish.

  • Now your Preconfigured Server Settings are ready to be used by clicking Next. Be sure to check Publish to single course, or Batch publish to multiple courses before clicking Next.

    Note: Each time you open Respondus 4.0 to Publish to Blackboard, you will have to go through the step of logging into the BbLearn server.

  • This is the window to do the actual publishing. Your installation is complete.

Additional Resource:

  • Video Tech Tip: Using Preconfigured Server Settings at brief video shows how to use the preconfigured server settings with Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate Author. When enabled, instructors can bypass entering details of their LMS server, greatly simplifying the publishing step.




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