This issue pertains to students trying to open a pre-configured lesson file on a disk.  The problem lies with the Video Rendering engine.

Make sure your scratch disk space is set somewhere on the local computer. Please go to C:\users\YourUsername\ and create a temp folder.  Then, make all your scratch disk space use this location. You can also use an external hard drive or flash drive as well.

To fix the crashing issue:

  1. Open adobe Premier all on its own.  Do not double click a saved project file.
  2. Create a New Project with any name you like.
  3. Click on File.

  4. Select "Project Settings".

  5. General.

  6. Change "Video Rendering and Playback" to Render to "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only".

  7. Either close Premier and open it again or just open a new project and navigate to the needed lesson.