Even if you do not use BbLearn to teach your course, since BbLearn enrollments are integrated with Banner Registrations, you can use it to sync the enrollment list from the BbLearn course to your Turnitin Roster.

  • Login to BbLearn and go into your BbLearn shell for that course listed in your Course List (even if it is set as unavailable to the students).  If you are an administrator doing this for an instructor you will need to enroll as an instructor.  (Only administrators have to enroll as instructor)
  • Click on Course Tools in the Control Panel on the left, then on Turnitin Assignments. 
  • Click into one of the assignments.  If you haven't created one yet, you will need to do that first.
  • On this next page you can see the Roster.  Click the Roster Sync link on the right and then the student will show up.