The Turnitin for iPad® App is now available for download through the App StoreSM. The App was designed as a grading tool, and is only available for instructors with active Turnitin accounts that have purchased the GradeMark product. There is no additional charge for instructors to download and use the App.

With Turnitin for iPad, instructors will be able to:

  • View papers that have been submitted to assignments
  • Add QuickMark comments to papers
  • Add in line text comments to papers
  • Add bubble comments to papers
  • Convert bubble comments to QuickMark comments
  • Mark papers using rubrics that have been previously attached to assignments
  • Leave Voice Comments on papers
  • Leave general comments on papers
  • Add and change grades for papers
  • See the Originality Report content match overview list of sources for papers
  • See glimpses for content matches on papers
  • See the full source view for sources of content matches

Class management, assignment management, and paper submissions must be performed through Turnitin directly or through the Turnitin integration in an Learning Management System/Virtual Learning Environment.

Although Turnitin does not officially support the iOS and Apple iPad®, most features do already work.  Since the Turnitin system is a "web-based" application, and the Internet Browser on the iPad is not a "full-browser," not all the features within Turnitin will work on the iPad's browser.  For example, you can access the website, log in, access your classes, and open up the Document Viewer. Within the Document Viewer, you can see the Originality Report as well as the GradeMark view of the paper.  But instructors cannot actually "grade" a paper within the GradeMark screen without first downloading the "Turnitin for iPad" app from the App store.

Users will not be able to use the "file upload" option when submitting a paper to an assignment.  The iPad does not have a "file system" to browse and locate the file that needs to be uploaded.  When going through the "file upload" process, the "browse" button is not active.  There is the option to use the "cut and paste" function, but the document that is being copied from will need to be saved on the iPad within the Word Processing program that was used to create it.

A Turnitin for iPad app for instructors has recently been released, but there is no date as to when a "Turnitin App" will be made available to students.

For more information, please visit the Turnitin for iPad web page at: