"Save and Next" button is not saving grades located in "Needs Grading"

Date Published: Feb. 07, 2013
Category: Product: Gradebook_and_Grade_Center; Planned_First_Fix_Release:X9_1_SP10;
Version: X9_1_SP9_9_1_90132_0,X9_1_SP8_9_1_82223_0,X9_1_SP7_HF1_9_1_70081_25

Article No.: 000016806

Product: Blackboard Learn

Release: 9.1

Service Pack: 9.1 SP9 (9.1.90132.0), 9.1 SP8 (9.1.82223.0), 9.1 SP7 HF1 (9.1.70081.25)

Issue Description: When an instructor grades assignments before the due date and saves them as a draft, then after the due date the instructor clicks on "Needs Grading" and then tries to submit the grade by clicking on the "Save and Next" Button. After going through all the assignments this way, all of the assignments are still listed under "Needs Grading" and none of the changes are saved to the Gradebook, except for the last item graded because the "Save and Exit" button is used.

Steps to Repeat:

1. Login as administrator and create new course.
2. Enroll him as instructor.
3. Enroll few students into the course (at least three).
4. Create an assignment and make it available to students.
5. Login as individual students and submit the assignment.
6. Login as Administrator/Instructor and navigate to Grade Center -> Needs Grading page.
7. Click on the first student's submission, enter a grade, and then click "Save as Draft."
8. Enter a grade for the second and third student's submission, then click "Save as Draft."
9. Navigate to Grade Center -> Needs Grading page and click on the first student's submission.

    Observation 1: The grade that was given to the first student is now seen ( is saved ) unlike in 9.1 SP 5.

10. On the first and second students submission screen select "Save and Next."
11. On third student's submission screen select "Save and Exit."

    Observation 2: You can see the first and second students are still listed under "Needs Grading" page and their grades aren't recorded in the gradebook. Only the last submission with 'Save and Exit' is graded.

Note: This issue occurs only when the instructor uses "Save as Draft" in the course of saving the grades. If he instead grades and uses the "Save and Next" button, the grades are recorded successfully into grade book.

Expected Behavior: The intended functionality of 'Save and Next' button is to facilitate instructor save the grades of students one by one, without having to back to list page ( irrespective of whether he has used 'Save as Draft' ).