The key to a stable system is preventive maintenance. This is done on a daily basis with no visible downtime, as our Blackboard Learn system is delivered though a pool of load balanced servers that we are able to work on one at a time without affecting the availability of the system. However, there are times that a maintenance procedure requires the system to be taken down. That is why a permanent maintenance window is scheduled for 5 a.m. − 6 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

This maintenance window may potentially impact access to Blackboard Learn. This does not mean Blackboard Learn will be unavailable each of these mornings, but if maintenance is needed, this is when it will occur and Blackboard Learn may be offline. Instructors, please be aware of this maintenance window when scheduling course assignments and activity due dates. Students be aware of it when planning your own academic activities as well.

In the event that an extended window is necessary, there will be an Announcement made to the Bb Learn Login page and to OneTech’s Campus Announcements as well as an email sent out from the Office of Information Systems (OIS) website.