This is caused by Adobe Premiere wanting to write to your U: Drive that does not have enough space. A simple solution is have either a flash drive or some external storage device that you can use. Please follow the procedure below to save your new project to a flash drive or external storage device:
  • When you click 'New Project', at the bottom, there is a location area. This is where the project file is stored and should be modified to an external storage device by clicking the browse button. This should also modify the scratch disk space as well. However, it is a good idea to double check this. Please see figure 1 below.
  • At the top there is a 'scratch disks' tab. Click that and modify all those locations to the external device as shown in figure 2 below if it is NOT done already.
  • Once this is done, there is one other thing you need to change.
  • Create the project and then go to the 'Edit' tab at the top, scroll down the bottom to 'Preferences' then click media as shown in figure 3 below.