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Blackboard Collaborate™ enterprise instant messaging—also referred to as Blackboard IM—is an instant collaboration solution designed specifically for the academic environment. Use Blackboard IM to promote learning through group work and academic and administrative help. One of the main differences between Blackboard IM and other collaboration solutions is that Blackboard IM synchronizes with your institution's enrollment records. This means that students and teachers are automatically connected with other Blackboard IM users enrolled in the same courses.

Features Built for Education

Elevate simple text conversations to rich interactive experiences—instantly and conveniently—for informal learning, help, and collaboration outside the formal classroom. Enable instant communication, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning with:

  • Presence and instant messaging to find others and interact on demand.
  • Desktop video conferencing and VoIP audio for cost-effective meetings.
  • LMS and flat-file integration for complete directory of teachers, students, and classes.
  • Convenient, ad hoc network invitations and broadcast notifications.
  • Whiteboard with built-in learning objects and templates.
  • Application sharing and queued chat for tutoring and online office hours.
  • Instant access to campus services and instant school-wide notifications.
  • Universal accessibility and advanced privacy features.


  • Facilitate campus-wide communication by easily finding instructors and peers, seeing their availability, and connecting with them online for ad-hoc learning.
  • Meet student needs with efficient services, connecting onsite and remote students to help, IT, tutoring, orientation, library services, and more, without physical infrastructure.
  • Enable low-cost, convenient, and personalized professional development for faculty and administrative staff while saving time and reducing travel costs and scheduling hassles.
  • Harness the power of visual instruction for multimodal learning with state-of-the-art whiteboard technology.
  • Accommodate different learning styles or instructional needs with a single-click launch of web conferencing from instant messaging.