As a result of Arkansas Tech University implementing a new password policy, there are some password restrictions that will only apply to Internet Native Banner (INB) users. Specifically, the restriction applies to the use of certain special characters in passwords. If you are an INB user, then you will NOT be able to use the following special characters in your password. If your password contains ANY special character as listed below, you will encounter an error as displayed in the image below when logging into INB.


Special Character List:


Name or Meaning








Left Parenthesis

) Right Parenthesis
, Comma
< Less Than
> Greater Than
` Backtick, usually on the same key as the tilde ~
; Semi-colon
= Equal
# Number Sign or Hashtag
| Pipe Symbol, usually on the same key as the backslash \
% Percent
" Double Quote
space Blank Space

The reason for these restrictions are as follows:
    ● The @ sign will prevent you from being able to sign into INB at all.
    ● The rest of the special characters will prevent you from being able to properly submit jobs as the password is passed into the job submission script as a command-line argument. If the password contains any of the forbidden characters, the
       job might not run.

The use of all remaining special characters as shown below should be fine.


Name or Meaning


Exclamation Mark


Caret or Circumflex Accent





_ Underscore
+ Plus
[ Left Square Bracket
] Right Square Bracket
{ Left Curly Bracket
} Right Curly Bracket
\ Backslash
/ Forward Slash
: Colon
' Apostrophe
? Question Mark
. Period
~ Tilde

If you encounter problems with signing into INB or running jobs in Banner after changing your password, then please contact the Campus Support Center at 479-968-0646.