These are the password Management rules:

  • Minimum password length will be set to 8 characters with a maximum of 30, using a combination of letters, numbers, and/or special characters. Due to Banner or AIX system requirements, only the following special characters may be used:  !  ^ * - _ + [ ] { } \ : ‘ ? / . ~
  • Passwords should not be set to anything that can be readily associated with the user such as: birthdays, first or last names, pet names, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Passphrases should be used if possible, they are much harder to decipher. (example – I have no idea what this means changed to !HaveN01dea?thisMean’s)
  • Password changes, where possible, will be forced during the first time login.
  • Password changes will be required minimally at the following intervals: system administrators, 90 days; users, 90 days.
  • A previously used password will not be accepted until after seven additional passwords have been used.
To change your password or if you need additional information, please go to the Account Management System (AMS) website at:

Please call the Campus Support Center ((479) 968-0646) if you have trouble with your password change.