To create a ShareStream assignment in a Blackboard course, please do the following:

  • In your course, open Tools.

  • In the list of tools, locate and click on ShareStream Pick-n-Play.

  • Click the Gear Icon in the top right.

  • Under Features, make sure the first option (Allow students to submit media to the Instructor’s Media Inbox) is turned on (the circle should be in towards the right). Then click Save.

  • To use this feature for assignments, simply go to a content area to which you’d like to deploy an assignment and click Assessments and then Assignment. After this, you will create your assignment as normal.

Students will be able to upload their files through the “Write Submission” entry. Here, they will use the “Mashups” tool to upload “ShareStream Media”.

To view student submissions, you can view the attempt from the Grade Center as you would normally. This will open the video in the browser. You may notice that it says “Processing”. This is usually because the video has been uploaded recently. It should be available within a few minutes.