Windstream has recently redesigned their voicemail "PORTAL". Your voicemail PIN is "different" from your voicemail "portal" password. Your voicemail PIN is for you to login to your voicemail box on your phone set. Your voicemail "portal" password is for you to login to the Windstream voicemail portal. If you have forgotten your voicemail portal password, please submit a ticket to Campus Support.

To forward your Windstream phone remotely, please go to

  • Login with your telephone number in the format of 4799680646 WITHOUT parentheses or hyphens, and your password is your voicemail portal password.

  • Click on Call Manager at the top and then the Follow Me tab on the left.

  • Check the box next to Forward calls you receive to one or more alternate destinations.

  • Click the Add Rule button at the bottom on the left.

  • Enter the number you want to forward to and select the dates and times. Click OK.

  • Click Apply.

  • Finally, test and make sure it is working.

Note: You will also come back here to turn it off.