Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is available by request at this time. Before you can enroll, please submit a request to enable MFA for your account. 

For more information on Multifactor Authentication, view our other solution articles on the topic

After MFA has been enabled for your account, the next time you log into Office 365 you will be prompted to provide more information. Click Next to begin enrolling. It is recommended that you enroll using a desktop or laptop computer. 

The Microsoft Authenticator app is the recommended tool for multifactor authentication with your Office 365 account. This app provides push notifications or time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) to allow approval for sign-ins. You can also add other accounts that use TOTP. Alternatively, you can use other authenticator apps that support TOTP, but you won't receive push notifications to authorize your logins and we can't support other apps. 

First, you'll need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app. You can click on the Download Now link on the page or download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore. After you have the app installed, click Next.

Next, open the app and authorize any permissions the app needs and then tap the + icon at the top right of the screen and then tap Work or school account. Then tap next on the enrollment screen. 

The enrollment process provides a QR code to scan with the app to create the account in the app. Scan the QR code and click Next to continue.

Next, you will receive a push notification to verify the app is working as expected. Tap approve on the app and then click Next on the enrollment screen. 

To complete the enrollment process, click Done on the Success page.

Any time you log into Office 365, you will now receive a push notification to your mobile device to verify your login. If you receive a push notification when you are not trying to log in, be sure to tap Deny. You can bypass these notifications for 30 days on trusted devices. 

If you are using Outlook, or have your email account set up on a mobile device, you should be prompted to reauthenticate using MFA. Most modern email clients will take you to the Arkansas Tech Single Sign-On (SSO) page and walk you through the MFA approval process. If your mobile device does not send you to SSO, you may need to remove the account from your device and set it up again. 

Legacy applications may not support the modern authentication process used for MFA. If you are using an app that will not send you to SSO, you may need to use an app password. For instructions on setting up an app password, view this solution article: Setting Up App Passwords for Multifactor Authentication.