Most modern applications allow the use of Arkansas Tech Single Sign-On (SSO) to authorize access to your Office 365 account. After you enroll in Multifactor Authentication (MFA) you will be prompted to re-authenticate any app accessing your Office 365 account. If your app does not prompt you to re-authenticate using SSO, you may need to remove and re-add the account to your device. 

In rare cases, you may need to create an app password to use to authenticate to your Office 365 account for certain apps that do not support SSO and MFA.

The app passwords are intended to be created for each legacy application that does not support SSO. These passwords are randomly generated and are intended to be stored in the app. Once you are presented with the password, you should put it directly into the app as you will not be able to look up the password again.

You can create app passwords in the security settings on your account in Office 365 by navigating to and logging in.

On the Security Info page, click Add Method

In the Popup window, click the drop-down and choose App password, then click Add.

Type in a descriptive name for the app will use this password and click Next.

The next screen gives you a randomly generated password. Input this password into your app and save it there. You will not be able to look up this password again.

You can repeat this process for any other legacy apps you need to authenticate to your Office 365 account.