Starting in Fall 2019, users will now be able to register or enroll their own devices that don't have a web browser and therefore cannot be signed in via the SafeConnect captive portal.  Previously, these devices sometimes had issues getting set up and a user would have to contact the Campus Support Center to get it resolved.  While requiring enrollment of all such devices is a change, we feel that it will overall give users more freedom in bringing their devices online on the ATU networks without needing to wait on the Office of Information Systems for assistance.

Please note, the following procedure is only for devices without the ability to access the SafeConnect captive portal page usually due to a lack of a built-in web browser or other special requirements.  Examples of devices that can be enrolled are:

  • Game consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Streaming devices (Roku, etc.)
  • Home Automation (Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.)

Tip: Other devices, such as laptops, Mac, PC, and smart phones cannot be enrolled and should instead sign in to SafeConnect here.

Tip: It will be necessary to use a second device with a web browser to complete the enrollment.  You can use another one of your devices such as a laptop, PC, Mac, smart phone, etc.

To enroll a device:
  1. Connect the device you want to enroll and power it on - Devices must be connected and powered on to be enrolled in SafeConnect.

  2. Obtain the MAC address for the interface type you're going to use - A MAC address is the address of your network interface on your device and is usually in a format such as one of the following:


    Each interface type (wired or wireless) will have its own MAC address even on the same device.  If you want to use the wired and wireless on your device at different times, you'll need to obtain both MAC addresses.  MAC addresses are usually found in the network information on your device.

    Tip: Instructions on how to locate the MAC addresses on your Windows or Mac computer can be found here: How do I find the MAC address on my computer? For other device types, a Google search with the phrase "How do I find the MAC address on a [device]" (where [device] is your device make and/or model such as Roku, Nintendo Switch, etc) should provide a number of links with specific instructions.

  3. Make note of the type of device you're registering - Currently the following device types are available to use during the registration process:
    • Media - Use this for Smart TVs, streaming devices, and home automation devices.
    • Microsoft Gaming Device - Use this for Microsoft gaming consoles such as XBox One.
    • Nintendo Gaming Device - Use this for Nintendo gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch.
    • Sony Gaming Device - Use this for Sony gaming consoles such as Playstation 4.

  4. On another device with a web browser (laptop, PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet) open a browser and go to the Self-Service Device Enrollment Portal and sign in using your ATU username and password - This will be how you enroll new devices and remove any you don't want associated with your account anymore.

  5. Fill out the device enrollment form - Enter the MAC address you obtained in Step 2 (you can only register one MAC address at a time) and select the Device Type you noted from Step 3.  You may enter an email address and phone number for additional contact information if you wish but these aren't necessary.

  6. Click the Enroll button - This submits the form.  If there was an error such as trying to register a device that is not currently connected to the network, or one that cannot be enrolled, an error message will appear.  If enrollment was successful, the enrolled device should be in a list underneath the form.  At this point, you can proceed with enrolling additional MAC addresses or sign out or close the page if you're done.

Each user can enroll up to 10 devices to their account (this does not count devices that were registered by signing in to the SafeConnect captive portal) and each enrolled device will stay enrolled for 340 days.  After that time, the devices will need to be enrolled again.

Tip: Devices that have already been enrolled to your account can be found at the bottom of the Self-Service Device Enrollment Portal after you sign in.  You can delete these devices at any time which will remove their network access and remove them from your account.