Arkansas Tech University is dedicated to the continual improvement of our technology tool-set.  We've invested in new software to ensure your educational experience is more accessible, straightforward, and yields higher productivity.  We are excited to be streamlining our collaboration tools into these secure, easy-to-use applications.

Features of these applications can be found at::

Do not use the Try For Free buttons on these sites.  Download the Webex Meetings and Webex Teams desktop apps here:


Once downloaded and installed, you will need to log in to each app.  Start with entering your email address.


When clicking on Next, you will be taken to the ATU Single Sign-On page.  Use your OneTech credentials.


 With Webex Meetings, you will first be asked which URL to use.   Use

The Webex Meetings app will allow you to:

  • Start a meeting in your “My Personal Room.”
  • Join someone else’s meeting with their meeting room information.
  • Access your Outlook calendar to view and schedule meetings directly from the app.
  • Access your Recorded Meetings that are saved to the cloud.

More information about Webex Meetings can be found at:


The Webex Teams app provides all the tools needed for effective collaboration with your team members:

  • Create multiple Team Spaces for all your groups
  • Individual chat and group messaging
  • Whiteboard
  • File Sharing
  • Calendar access
  • Direct access to start meetings in your “My Personal Room.”

More information about Webex Teams can be found at:


Alternatively, instead of the desktop app for Webex Meetings, you can also just use a browser and navigate to  and log in this way.  You will have the option to use the Classic View or the Modern View.  However, scheduling meetings through the browser is not directly integrated with your Outlook.  When you schedule a meeting this way, you will receive an email that you can use to add it to your calendar.


Both Webex platforms offer mobile device apps available at either iTunes or the Play Store.  This way, you can meet and collaborate virtually anywhere you have a wi-fi or cellular data connection.