In December 2015, we performed a ResNet upgrade that affected how the Nintendo Wii gaming console works on the network.

Unfortunately, the original Nintendo Wii gaming console will no longer work when connected to wireless.  While the Wii gaming console does support both Wireless B and G, it must connect Wireless B before connecting Wireless G.  When Wireless B is disabled, such as it is at Arkansas Tech University, the Wii can no longer connect to the wireless.  Please note: this DOES NOT affect the newer Nintendo Wii U gaming console or Nintendo Switch which should continue to work on the campus wireless.

If you own a Nintendo Wii and live in Residence Halls with wired ports you can purchase a Nintendo Ethernet adapter online and connect your Wii with a network cable. Please note: Caraway, Commons A, B, C, D, and Hughes are wireless only and cannot support this option.