Reordering Assignments
Change the order of assignments with the drag-and-drop function or the keyboard accessible reordering tool.

To use drag-and-drop, hover over the assignment you wish to move. Click the yellow-tinted section to the left of the assignment and dragging to and releasing on your desired location. You can also use the reordering tool in the top right (see screenshot below) to move assignments without having to drag them by selecting the assignment and clicking the up or down arrows below the Items box.


Editing Assignments

To edit an assignment click the menu button to the right of the assignment title (the down arrow  icon at the end of an assignment). There are several options in the edit menu. Below is a rough description of what each section can be used for.

Assignment Information
  • Name and Color - This field changes the title of the assignment that students see and the color of the title text.
  • Instructions - The text editor has a multitude of functions. Anything in this box is displayed under the assignment title to students
Assignment Files
  • Attach Files - Files may be uploaded from your computer with 'Browse My Computer' or from one of your existing courses with 'Browse Content Collection'
Due Dates
  • Due Date - Even if checked this does not prohibit students from accessing/submitting to the assignment but instead marks assignments after the due date as 'late'. Prohibiting students from accessing content past due is covered in the upcoming section 'Availability'.
  • Points Possible - A required field, this is how many points (total course points, not percentage) that the assignment is worth)
  • Associated Rubric - A rubric can be attached for grading standards. Clicking this option generates several other options:
    • Select Rubric - This option is to select a pre-existing rubric in the course.
    • Create Rubric - This option is to create a new rubric and apply it to this assignment. This can be applied to other assignments in the future with the 'Select Rubric' option.
    • Create From Existing - This option is to open a pre-existing rubric and then edit it for this assignment. This can be applied to other assignments in the future with the 'Select Rubric' option.
  • Submission Details - Clicking this option expands a small menu.
    • Assignment Type
      • Individual Assignment - One student submits their own assignment
      • Group Assignment - One or more students submit for their group of several students (in the Users and Groups area)
      • Portfolio Submission - One student submits a body of work to the assignment. A portfolio template can be attached.
  • Display of Grades - Clicking this option expands a small menu. All of these options can be changed in the grade center columns as well
    • Display grade as - Grades can be changed to display in the gradebook up to two of the following: score, letter grade, percentage or complete/incomplete.
    • Include in Grade Center - If this option is unchecked the assignment will not be taken into account when calculating the total score in the class.
    • Show to students in My Grades - If enabled, students will be able to see this assignment entry under 'My Grades'
    • Show Statistics (average and median) for this item to students in My Grades - The class average and median scores of this assignment will be displayed under 'My Grades' to students.

  • Make the Assignment Available - If this is checked (and 'Limit Availability' is not) the item will be visible to students
  • Limit Availability - This is the time-range that students will be able to view the assignment. This supersedes the above option but can interact with it. For example if 'Make the Assignment Available is checked and 'Display after' is not then the assignment is available until the time listed in 'Display Until'. This can be used to prevent students from accessing content after the due date by making the 'Display Until' and 'Due Date' the same.
  • Track Number of Views - This option will store how often the content is viewed per day for statistics tracking.
Deleting Assignments

You can delete an assignment from a course area and if NO student submissions exist, the Grade Center column is also deleted.

When you delete an assignment that has student submissions, you also delete all the submissions. You have two options:
  • Preserve the scores in the Grade Center, but delete the assignment and all submissions. Though the scores remain in the Grade Center, you cannot access the students' submissions again. The action is irreversible.
  • Delete the assignment, the Grade Center column, all assigned grades, and all submissions. The action is irreversible.
Alternatively, make the gradable item unavailable (see 'Availability' in the Editing an Assignment section above) in your course to preserve the submissions and the scores in the Grade Center.