You can create assignments in content areas, learning modules, lesson plans, and folders.
  1. Click Assignments in the Content Area.

  2. From the Assessments menu, select Assignment.

  3. Provide the name, instructions, and the files students need. You can use the functions in the editor to format text and add files. You can also add files in the Assignment Files section.
  4. Select Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer. The file is saved in the top-level folder in your course's file repository: Course Files or the Content Collection. You can also attach a file from the repository.
  5. Optionally, select a Due Date. Assignments with due dates automatically show in the course calendar.
  6. In the Grading section, type the Points Possible and optionally, add a rubric. Expand the sections to make selections such as anonymous grading, how the grade is displayed, and the number of attempts. You can allow more than one attempt on an assignment.
  7. Make the assignment available when you are ready for students to access it. Select the appropriate options for availability, tracking, and display dates. Display dates do not affect an assignment's availability, only when it appears.
  8. Click Submit.

You can also create a group assignment and release it to one or more groups in your course.

  • Each group submits one collaborative assignment and all members receive the same grade.
  • You can create a single assignment and assign it to all groups, or create several unique assignments and assign them to individual groups.