To compile an email in your Office 365 web email,

  • Please login to your ATU Office 365 account.
  • Click New message   on top of Inbox. This will open an email message template to the right.


  • Your email address will appear automatically next to "From". Enter the email address of your recipient next to "To". If you want to copy your email to other recipients, enter their email addresses next to "Cc". Enter the topic of your email in the "Add a Subject" field and then begin to write your email message.


  • If the "From" field is missing, you can add it to the page by clicking on the ellipses and click on Show From.

  • To attach a file, click the "Attach" icon on top.


  • Click on Browse this computer to attach a file from the local computer, or click on Browse cloud locations to attach a file from a cloud location.



  • To send the message, click Send at the top left of the window, or the bottom left.