To create a pre-test and modules in a Blackboard course,
  • Create your pre-test.
  • Create your modules that will be unlocked with the pretest.
  • On the first module to be unlocked, go to the content area containing it, and then click the drop-down button to the right of the module's title. Select 'Adaptive Release: Advanced'.
  • Select 'Create Rule', name the rule, submit and then click 'Create Criteria'.
  • Select 'Grade'.
  • In the drop-down box under 'Select a Grade Center Column' find your pre-test. Select this.
  • Under 'Select Condition' you can choose 'User has at least one attempt for this item' for anyone who has taken it, or you can specify a score below.
  • Submit this rule.
  • After this, you can test this with a student preview account. Please note it is very likely that you will need to have these set as visible in the normal 'Edit' settings.