This article is ONLY for users who need to change their EXISTING (NON-EXPIRED) password.

Please follow the Arkansas Tech University password policy below to create your password:
  • All passwords must be at least 8 characters long.
  • All passwords must contain at least three of the four following requirements:
    • 1 lowercase letter.
    • 1 uppercase letter.
    • 1 digit.
    • 1 special character.
  • New passwords cannot match any of your previous SIX passwords.
  • Users can only change their password once in a 24 hour period.
  • Users can use no more than two consecutive characters found in their username and/or full name. Example: a user with a name of John Doe (jdoe10) cannot use a password that contains any of the following combination of letters: 'joh', 'ohn', 'doe', 'jdo', 'oe1', 'e10'.
  • If you log in with an incorrect password five times in five within five minutes, your account will be locked.
  • All passwords must be changed every 90 days.
Note: Due to password limitations in Banner, INB users cannot use the following special characters in their password: @ $ & ( ) , < > ` ; = # | % . spaces

If you would like to change your password for ATU sites (OneTech, Blackboard, etc), you can navigate to the Account Management System (AMS) website, and click Change Password.

The following information is required to change your "existing (non-expired)" password:
  • Username can now be just your OneTech ID as well as ATU email address. For example, either jdoe1 or will be accepted.
  • Current Password.
  • Google Recaptcha (Make sure to check the "I'm not a robot" checkbox before clicking on the Submit button as shown in the image right below).
  • Review and confirm your security questions and answers. Click Submit after have reviewed your security questions and answers.

  • Review and update your recovery information, and click Submit

  • Enter and confirm your new password, and click SUBMIT. Please carefully review the Arkansas Tech University password policy for selecting your new password.

Any typos in spelling or formatting will result in an unsuccessful match.  Always double check your information before submitting the form.

Once users have passed all valid authentication and identification methods, they will be presented with a password change page to change their password in addition to agreeing to any active policies. 

The following are possible outcomes/messages when users attempt to change an existing password:
  • Password successfully change.  It may take up to 5 minutes before your new password is updated across the Arkansas Tech network.
  • The password entered matches one of your six previous passwords.
  • An unknown error has occurred while attempting to change your password.
  • Insufficient access to change password. Users in the Working Admin AD group cannot use Forgot Password.
  • An unspecified error has occurred while attempting a change to AD. <returned error message>.
Note: Contact Campus Support at 479.968.0646 if you receive an unknown error or if you persistently receive unsuccessful password change error messages even after satisfying all the password change policy requirements.