From Outlook or

You can fax from your email either in Outlook or on by doing the following:

  1. Start a new email.

  2. If your new email has the “From” field already then skip this step.  If it does not, click “Options” at the top of the email and then click “From” in Outlook or click the ellipsis in the menu bar and then click "Show From" in Office 365.

  3. In the “From” field, either leave it as your email (if you want the fax to appear like it is coming from you), or change it to your department fax email (only if your department is set up with a departmental fax and you've been granted access to it). If your department's email address is not listed in the From field, you may need to click the From field and click other email address then type in your department's email address.

  4. In the “To” field, type

  5. In the “Subject” line, type the fax number you want to send the fax to.  If you’d like to put a specific “attention to” name or add a subject to the fax, use the following format:
    Jason Salmans((4799640583));Subject((Information you requested))

     This will include “Jason Salmans” as the intended recipient (if you didn’t have this, then it would put the 4799640583 as the recipient), it will send the fax to 4799640583, and the Fax Subject will be “Information you requested”.

  6. From here, anything you type in the body of the email or attach to the email will be part of the fax that is sent.

  7. Once finished, hit “Send”.

You should get an email indicating the fax has been added to the queue (unless there are no faxes waiting to be sent) and then another email later indicating if the fax was successfully sent or not.


From the Website

You can send faxes from the interface on the vFax website.  Please note, if you're working from off-campus and you want to use this method, you must first connect to the GlobalProtect VPN:

  1. Login to the vFax server at by using your OneTech credentials.

  2. On the top menu bar, find the icon that looks like a fax machine.  When you hover over it, it should say "Fax Server".  Click on it.

  3. A new text menu bar should now appear underneath the icon bar.  Find the item that says "Send a Fax" and click on it.

  4. The “Send a Fax” page should appear. The "Sender's Data" section should show your name, "Recipients" should be the name of the recipient you want to fax to and their fax number, in the "Fax Body" section, "Subject" is the fax subjec and the default cover letter is one we’ve designed for Tech.  You can attach files in this section and/or type a message into the Text section.  The message will be included in the fax as will any attached documents.  Finally, in the "Send Fax" section, you can specify whether you want a return receipt, to delay the fax or send it now, etc.

  5. Once you are done, click Send Fax.

On the vFax website, you can also see faxes you’ve sent from and received to your fax account (Note: This method does not allow you to send from your departmental fax box, nor does it allow you to see faxes received to departmental fax boxes).