A few instructors in the Business Dept. (who do not like Tegrity Recorder or Respondus Monitor) are now using SoftwareSecure’s  RPNow (Remote Proctor Now) for their mid-terms and finals.  It costs the students $17 per exam. 
Here’s a FAQ and the KB for it.
The instructors should be advising their students on how to access it but in case they have not done so.
Direct students to go to https://atu.remoteproctor.com (if your browser displays a connection or safety issue, please see the notes below.) (to do a system check and download the software.  They must have a web cam and a microphone (which is why it’s not on any lab computers). If they do not have a web cam or microphone, or do not meet system requirements, or simply do not want to install it on their own machine, it has been installed on the “Testing Computer”* (desktop icon) and they should contact the third floor desk to schedule a time slot on it.  They SHOULD NOT wait until the last minute to do this.

  • If you use Firefox and it displays a connection or safety issue, just click on Advanced, add Exception, click Confirm Security Exception.  browser displays a connection issue similar to the one in the image below, just click through it
  • If you use Chrome and it displays a connection or safety issue, just click on ADVANCED, and then click Proceed to Proceed to atu.remoteproctor.com (unsafe).
* = The “Testing Computer” is formerly known as the Tegrity Computer, but because it has Tegrity Recorder, Respondus Monitor, and now also RPNow, it should be referred to as the Testing Computer.
Also, Software Secure has its own 24/7 support that students should contact for issue with the software that we can’t control.
If you wish to try this out yourself, enroll as a student in the RPNow_Test_Course where there are two Practice Tests.