To give extra credit in the grade center there are several methods.

Without weighted columns

If you are not using weighted columns, you can simply create a column in the grade center and then make the points possible 0. Then give the student the appropriate amount of points.

With weighted columns

With weighted columns there are several methods.
  1. Add the additional credit to an existing column. Simply add the points into an existing assignment. This is the easiest way to add extra credit.
  2. Add a new column for extra credit with a points possible value of 1. Then in the weighted column, weight it as 1%. You will have to take 1% out of some other category (for example, if Assignments are worth 50%, you can change it to 49% in the weighted column.) In the column every student must have at least a 1 percent (or else they will only have a maximum possible percentage of 99%). Then the extra credit column should have their earned extra credit +1. So if one student earned 5 extra points it should read 6.
  3. If you do not want to add a 1% weighted column you can follow this method, though it is a little complex.
    1. Create one column in your grade center for each extra credit opportunity, set it to display scores and points possible: .001
    2. Edit your existing Weighted Total column. Under Select Columns
      • add in each extra credit column, with a weight of .001% each
      • leave the exiting columns and categories as is, with their existing weights.
    3. When you Submit, you'll get a warning message that your total doesn't add up to 100%. Hit OK.