In Outlook 2016 for Mac, you can set up your work or school email accounts (Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange), and personal, online email accounts (Google Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus, Comcast, or AOL), by using only your email address and password. Here is how:


  1. On the setup page, click Add Account.

  2. Click the account type you want to add:
    • Click Exchange or Office 365 to add your work or school email account. Please check with your help desk to see what type of account you have.
    • Click Other Email to add your personal, online email account, like Outlook on the web, Google, iCloud, etc.

  3. Enter your account information and click Add Account. The image below shows the account set-up page for Exchange or accounts with Office 365 subscriptions.

    All the accounts you add will show in the left pane.

If you have trouble setting up your account automatically, uncheck the Configure automatically box, and enter the information manually.
  • For online email accounts like iCloud or Google, contact your ISP to get your account information, such as the account type (IMAP or POP) and the address of your mail server.
  • If you have a work or school account that has an Office 365 subscription, make sure you are using the right email address. Or ask your administrator to set up the Autodiscover CNAME record to connect to Outlook.
  • For Microsoft accounts like Outlook on the web, use the information in the table below: