If you are living in one of the buildings/rooms on campus that is wireless only, the best thing to do is get a wireless adapter for your wired device.  Many laptop and desktop computers can be wireless capable with the proper adapter. Adapters can be a USB adapter or a card that is installed in a desktop computer.  When selecting a wireless adapter, you need to choose one that can work on your operating system, such as Windows or Mac OSX, and it is highly recommended that you get one that is Dual-Band which means it is capable of connecting to both 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless.  A 5ghz adapter that supports 5ghz 802.11ac or "Wireless-AC" will be one of the newer models.

For other device types, such as Blu Ray players and other media players, you may need to do a Google search and see what is available for that device. 

Please note: Wireless to Ethernet bridges, which are devices that connect to wireless but also have standard Ethernet networking ports to plug in to, are not allowed.