How to Hide and Show Users in the Grade Center

You can hide user rows to reduce the number of rows in the Grade Center grid and help you focus on specific data. When you hide user rows, the data is retained and you can show them at any time. You can hide user rows using the hide functions in a user's contextual menu or from the Row Visibility page. On the Row Visibility page, you can also show hidden user rows.

If you have made a user unavailable on the Users page, the User Unavailable icon appears in the user’s first cell in the Grade Center. However, the row is not hidden in the grid. Unavailable users cannot access your course. To learn more about setting user availability, see Manage Users.

Hide User Rows Using the Contextual Menu

  1. Move your mouse pointer over a student's name cell to access its contextual menu.
  2. Click Hide Other Rows to remove all but the user’s row from view.


    Click Hide Row to hide the user's row.

  3. When hiding one user’s row, a message appears stating that the row has been successfully hidden.

    If you chose to hide all but one user’s row, show all rows again by selecting Show All Rows in the user’s contextual menu.

Show/Hide Users on the Row Visibility Page

On the Row Visibility page, you can show one or more hidden user rows. You can also hide multiple user rows simultaneously. Hiding or showing rows on this page only affects your view of the Grade Center grid and does not affect student availability.

To sort a column, click the column heading. For example, click the Status column heading to sort the column so all hidden users appear first in the list.

  1. On the action bar, point to Manage and click Row Visibility.
  2. On the Row Visibility page, select the check boxes for the users to show or hide. Select the check box in the header row to select all users.
  3. On the action bar, click Hide Users or Show Users.
  4. Click Submit.

User rows that are hidden appear in italic text and do not appear in the Grade Center grid.