The Adobe Flash module used for recording the video could default to a different microphone with a low level (volume) setting. It is recommended to follow these steps prior to starting the Lockdown Browser:

1. Start Internet Explorer (not Firefox or Google Chrome).

2. Close down all other applications that might use a microphone including Skype, Facetime and any other web conferencing, instant messaging, video chat, online games or similar appliations.

3. Go to

4. When the video appears, right click on the video to select the Adobe Flash module->Settings.

5. Click on the "microphone" tab (second from lower right).

6. Select the microphone for use with LockDown Browser and adjust any levels (volumes).

7. Complete the webcam test.

8. Start LockDown Browser and run the webcam check from the "Webcam" icon in the LockDown Browser toolbar to verify the settings.