When using Turnitin with Blackboard, there are three different kinds of assignments available to you:

  1. Paper Assignment
  2. PeerMark Assignment
  3. Revision Assignment

Each type provides a different function for your students. Paper Assignments are the standard assignment type in Turnitin. After students submit their papers, instructors can grade the assignments and leave comments. PeerMark Assignments allow students to review each others' papers, offering criticism and suggested changes. Revision Assignments allow students the ability to submit several drafts of the same paper without overwriting their original submissions.

Also of note is that Turnitin assignments have three dates to keep in mind: the Start Date, Due Date, and Post Date. The Start Date controls when students can begin submitting assignments. The Due Date is when students can no longer submit assignments. The Post Date is when students can access any of the comments instructors have left for them.

To Create an Assignment in Blackboard Using Turnitin:

  • In your Blackboard course, navigate to the designated content area for the assignment. In the Assessments drop-down list, choose "Turnitin Assignment."