Unlike other content that is stored in course files that must be copied from course to course, Collaborate sessions are stored outside the course content, and the sessions have to be assigned to which courses they show up in.

1. In the new course, create a Blackboard Collaborate menu button using the Create Tool Link under Add Menu Item. This enables the students to access the BB Collaborate List Page.

2. In the old courses that have previously recorded sessions that need to be available in new courses, use the BB Collaborate Course Tool (or a menu button if one was created) to get to the BB Collaborate List Page. There you will see the list of recorded sessions. While enrolled as an instructor, click on the down arrow next to a session, and you should see Edit. Clicking Edit takes you to an Update Session screen where you can assign Selected Courses from a list of Available Courses. Available Courses is a list of courses that the user is set as Instructor in.  After submitting, your recorded session would show up in whatever courses you have it selected for.