Kaltura is a video and multimedia platform with a variety of tools for students and faculty. Kaltura is mainly used to host video files in lieu of hosting them directly on Blackboard. Since video files are generally large this helps us use our allocated space in Blackboard for course files and student submissions. 

To access the videos and pictures you've uploaded to Kaltura, visit https://video.atu.edu

In Blackboard there are three main uses of Kaltura:

  • Kaltura My Media - Kaltura My Media is your personal storage repository. You can add, organize, and remove video, audio, and image files while preparing the content for students. When you're ready, you can then add the content to the course so all students and other course members have access. My Media travels with you so you can deploy the same media to multiple courses without having to re-upload the content. Instructors can learn more here: https://support.atu.edu/support/solutions/articles/7000041374

  • Kaltura Media Gallery - Kaltura Media Gallery is your course's shared media repository. You can use the Media Gallery to host multiple videos for students to view. You can also add videos from the Media Gallery directly to the Course Content page so students don't have to search for relevant content. The Media Gallery can also be used to enable students to upload their own videos to the collective course Media Gallery and view videos from other students. To do this, instructors can allow the Media Gallery link to be visible to students (or deploy it by adding the "Media Gallery" tool to the left navigation bar. Students can click on this and select existing videos from their My Media page, or upload a new video. Instructors can enable moderation for the Media Gallery by accessing it and clicking the "edit" icon in the top right (see image below)

    Click this icon and select "Edit." Under options select "Moderate content (media will not appear in media gallery until approved by the gallery manager)". After checking this option and saving, a new tab will be created that allows the instructor to review and approve or deny submitted videos before they're available to the rest of the class.

  • Kaltura Video Quiz - Kaltura Video Quiz is a video that as the viewer questions as they watch. The video continues playing after the viewer answers the question. A video quiz can be generated by a newly uploaded video or from an existing video in your My Media repository. Instructors can deploy video quizzes in their courses by navigating to a content area, selecting "Assessments" and then "Kaltura Video Quiz." To avoid a bug that prevents some students from answering a video quiz question we recommend keeping all questions at least 5 seconds from the start and end of the video along with 5 seconds from each other question. Learn more about video quizzes here: https://support.atu.edu/support/solutions/articles/7000042606