You can add media to your Blackboard course directly from Blackboard.

  1. Navigate to the content area you'd like the media to appear in (for example, Content > Week 5)
  2. Click Tools at the top of the page and then Kaltura Media
  3. If you've uploaded the content previously, it will appear in the My Media tab. If this is the case, click "Embed" next to the media and skip to step 5. Otherwise, move to step 4.
  4. To add new media click + Add New in the top-right corner. You can choose the following options:
    • Media Upload - Use this to upload media you've already recorded and have stored on your computer
    • Express Capture - Use the browser-based video capture to record yourself and upload to your Media Gallery.
    • YouTube - Here you can paste the URL of the YouTube video to upload to your Media Gallery. 
    • Kaltura Capture - Use the downloadable video capture software to record your media. This is similar to Express Capture, but better for longer videos due to higher stability.
    • Video Quiz - Turn an existing video into a video into a Video Quiz. If you'd like to make a Video Quiz, we recommend creating this by using Build Content then Kaltura Video Quiz
  5. Follow the directions listed for each option to upload the media to your course. When finished uploading and naming click Save and Embed in the top-right corner.