Video quizzes are great for reinforcing concepts that students will need for upcoming exams. These quizzes work best on videos under 20 minutes in length, but shorter is generally better. Longer videos have a higher chance for disconnection errors by their nature, so if you would like to quiz a very long lesson we recommend breaking the video up into multiple parts.

  1. Navigate to your MyMedia through your course or
  2. Click “Add New” and then “Video Quiz”
  3. You can choose to use existing content or upload a new video to use in the quiz.
    1. For existing media: Use the search bar at the top to locate the video you would like to use. Click the “Select” option to the right of the video.
    2. For new media, click “Upload Media” first to add the new recording. Once created, follow the steps in 3a.
  4. The editor enables you to add questions at specific timestamps in the video. You can seek through the video to the place where a question should go, pause it, and click “Add Question”
  5. After choosing a question type, you may add content to the question. In the top-left you can click the ‘shuffle’ icon to randomize the answer order, and in the top-right you can click the ‘lightbulb’ icon to add hints or explanations.
  6. Click save and repeat as necessary.


You can also edit the quiz settings by clicking the panel icon


We recommend allowing at least two attempts and retaining the highest score to mitigate any technical difficulties that might occur due to internet connection. You can also set rules for preventing students seeking ahead to view answers during a question.

To avoid a bug that prevents some students from answering some questions in the quiz, please space questions at least 5 seconds from the beginning and end of the video, along with 5 seconds between questions.

Once you are finished, click “Done” in the upper-right of the screen.


How do I deploy the quiz? 

  1. In the course, open the content area you would like the quiz deployed in
  2. Near the top of the page click “Assessments” and then “Kaltura Video Quiz”
  3. Click the “Embed” on the video quiz.
  4. You then can edit the assignment to change the point total or availability.