Overview of VMware Horizon’s Remote Application Web Access

Using VMware Horizon’s Remote Application Web Access, you can access programs remotely. Although the programs are running on a remote computer, the virtual applications behave as if they are running on your local computer, tablet, phone, etc. Each remote application (i.e. SPSS, SAS, or StataIC) has its own entry in the taskbar. You have the capability to resize, minimize, and/or maximize the program window.

Using VMware Horizon’s Remote Application Web Access

To use VMware Horizon’s Web Access, navigate to https://vdesktops.atu.edu using any browser of your choosing. (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  1. You will log in using your Tech ID/Username and Password.

  2. Once logged in, buttons for virtual applications will appear. Click any application to open it.

  3. In the example below, SPSS Statistics 23 is launched. To view other applications, click the “App Switcher” located to the left of your screen.

  4. The “App Switcher” will expand. From here, you can search, switch between, and close applications. Currently Running applications will be displayed under the “Running” section. Depending on what applications you have access to will determine what applications are available in the “Available” section.

    Switching Between Applications
  5. To launch a different application, simply click on the application of your choosing. In the example below, SAS 9.3 is launched side-by-side with IBM SPSS Statistics 23.