How do I forward all calls directly to my voicemail?



There are times when a user may want to configure their phone so that incoming calls to the user's extension do not ring on the phone at all but, instead, go directly to voicemail.  This behavior happens automatically if the user's phone is already marked as "busy" in the system, such as if the number of calls active on the phone has reached the configured max busy number (default on most devices is 2 calls but this can be changed if needed - contact Campus Support to find out more).  However, a user may wish to forward all calls to voicemail in other situations such as when they need to step away from their desk.

Please note: This scenario is only for forwarding calls that are calling directly to your extension.  If your device is configured as part of a Hunt Group and rings in an order when someone calls a telephone number, those calls will still try to reach your phone unless you've logged out of the Hunt Group.

The difference between "Do Not Disturb"

Each phone has a "Do Not Disturb" option, usually as a key on the screen (if you cannot see it immediately, try going through the other pages of buttons).  Do Not Disturb actually does not forward your calls to voicemail immediately.  Instead, this feature changes the configured ringtone to a simple and short beep.  The caller still hears ringing but the user at the phone only hears the single beep and then silence.  The call continues to ring until picked up or until the timer expires and it is then forwarded to voicemail.  The benefit of this feature is that it allows the user to keep their work environment quiet when needed and yet still see incoming calls and have an opportunity to answer them.  Other people can also see the user's presence indicator in Jabber change to "Do Not Disturb".


Forward All

The correct feature to use to forward all calls to voicemail is the "Forward All" feature.  This feature forwards any incoming call to whatever telephone number, extension, etc. is configured.  The feature is available through another one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen (if you cannot see it immediately, try going through the other pages of buttons).  Once the Forward All button is pushed, the phone beeps and asks for a number.  The number entered is where calls will be forwarded to.  At this point, to forward to voicemail, simply click the voicemail button on the phone.  The screen should update with an indication that Call Forwarded All has been configured to forward calls to Voicemail.  The full set of instructions are below.
  1. Navigate the buttons at the bottom of the phone's screen until you locate "Forward All" (8945:   8845: ) and push it
  2. The phone will beep and a new window will appear asking what number you'd like to forward to... push the voicemail button (8945:  8845:  ) on the phone
  3. The screen should again update indicating that calls are now being forwarded to voicemail
Incoming calls will now no longer ring at the phone and will go straight to the user's voicemail instead.  Please remember to clear the Forward All configuration once ready to take calls again by navigating to the button on the bottom of the screen that says "Forward Off" and pushing it.  The screen should update to indicate that call forwarding has been turned off.