This article explains how to password-protect a file, open a file that is locked with a password, and remove the password from a file.

Password-Protecting an Office 2016 File

Follow these steps to clamp a password on an Office 2016 file, such that others need a password to open and perhaps also edit it:
  • Go to the File tab.

  • Choose Info.

  • In the Info window, click the Protect Document (or Workbook or Presentation) button, and choose Encrypt with Password on the drop-down list.

  • Enter a password (case-sensitive) in the Password text box and click OK.

  • In the Confirm Password dialog box, enter the password again and click OK.

Removing a Password from an Office 2016 File

  • Open the file that needs its password removed.
  • Go to the File tab and choose Info to open the Info window.
  • Click the Protect Document button, and choose Encrypt with Password. The Encrypt dialog box appears.
  • Delete the password and click OK.