Support for NPAPI plugins by Chrome 45 or later was permanently removed, along with the temporary workaround. Now, when Chrome users encounter Java content, a yellow notification bar greets them at the top of the browser window.  The notification bar says, This site uses a plugin (Java TM)) that is unsupported. The notification also includes a link to more information about why Java is no longer supported by Chrome.


The Java content in the web page itself will display as a gray area with a puzzle piece. If you mouse over the puzzle piece, you will see This plugin is not supported.


If you right-click inside the Java content area, the right-click menu displays application/x-java-applet and an opportunity to Hide this plugin. It no longer includes the Run this plugin selection.


Note: One method to use Java in Google Chrome is to install the IE Tab extension. The “IE” in IE Tab is an abbreviation for Internet Explorer. Available for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store, IE Tab emulates Internet Explorer within a Chrome browser window. The extension uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine to display Java content (as well as ActiveX and Silverlight content). It is easy to install, and even easier to use. It is important to note that IE Tab works on Windows only.