Note: The instructions below use Google Chrome version 53.0.2785.143 m.

To View Your Chrome History
  • Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button   located to the right of the web address bar and then click Settings. You can also just type chrome://settings into the address bar.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of Settings, and click the Show advanced settings… link.
  • The Settings will expand to display the Privacy section. Click the Content settings… button.  You can also just type chrome://chrome/settings/content into the address bar.
  • Under Content settings, locate the Cookies section. Click the All cookies and site data… button.
  • The cookies stored in Chrome will display in a list under Cookies and site data. Hover over an individual cookie in the list, and click the X to delete that cookie. Click a cookie to display more information about it, including the Created or Last modified date. A Remove button displays so you can delete it. If you would rather delete all the cookies rather than removing them one at a time, click the Remove all button at the top of the window. Use the search box to the right of the Remove all button if you want to hunt down a particular cookie.



Note: On your iPhone/iPad, or your Android device, you can delete cookies in Chrome by tapping Chrome’s menu button (3 vertical dots to the right of the address bar).  Choose Settings.  In the Advanced section, tap Privacy, then tap Clear Cookies, Site Data.